Web Panel (UCP)




This is the only modern QB-based Web Panel available on the market (at least on fivem), and it is here to revolutionize how users interact with your server.

This is written in pure PHP and can be deployed on any Shared Hosting or Virtual Private Server, allowing you to effortlessly provide your users with all the information they need about their characters.

  • A modern dashboard with player statistics
  • A way to view the login sessions for security considerations
  • If the player has created more than one character, a character selection menu will appear upon logging-in
  • The ability to link a Discord account to sign in through later instead of Steam (WIP)
  • A list of vehicles owned by the player, including their state, garage, gasoline volume, body and engine health, and so forth.
  • A list of the items and their counts in the player’s inventory
  • … and more for you to explore!


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